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PureMax Filter X-Style

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PureMax X-Style Inline Replacement Filters

Fit The 200P and 400 SPX models 

Pack includes:
  • (2) X-style PureMax (also know as PureClean (PCF) Filter
  • Removes Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Sediment and more

*****If you have questions on which PureMax filter you need, please remove your filter out of the inline unit to confirm what top you have the correct filter.  One is tapered and one is flat. *****
    In the Box

    Every Thing You Need

    • 1 Universal Inline Filter Housing w/ Filter(s) Inside Ready for Installation
    • 2 Piece Wrench Set for Install & Filter Change (excludes 350 series)

    *designed to fit all standard US showers with 1/2in water supply line


    PureMax Targets chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, THM’s, and VOC’s.

    • 3rd Party Tested to Meet & Exceed International Industry Standards
    • Multi-Layer Filtering Media: Activated carbon cotton fabric (no coconut), Non-Woven Fabric with Nano Silver method certified by FDA, and FIR Ceramic Ball
    • Helps reduce chlorine (dries & irritates skin) up to 99% effectiveness, mercury (causes skin issues), iron (clogs pores),  chromium (irritates skin), chloramine (causes skin inflammation), harmful bacteria, and other contaminants
    • Replace every 90 days

    * For those with Chloramine, for maximum removal solution, pair with our vitamin C showerhead

    Quick & Easy Installation

    No plumber needed. Just Simply Install