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Our most popular chlorine filtering shower heads and inline filters. 

Why You Need To Filter Your Shower Water

Chlorination is a common practice in water systems worldwide, serving as a critical measure to eliminate harmful bacteria like e.coli—a necessity we wouldn't argue against. However, the presence of chlorine in our shower water is another story.

Chlorine and various other pollutants in shower water have detrimental effects on our hair and skin, such as:

  • Stripping away essential natural oils, leading to damage, dryness, and irritation.
  • Breaking down the amino acids in hair, weakening its inherent strength.
  • Potentially irritating the skin, which could result in conditions like eczema, itchiness, hives, and rashes.
  • Dissolving the lipids in hair, making it appear duller, weaker, and more prone to split ends.
  • Altering the natural color of your hair by reacting with melanin.
  • Accelerating collagen loss, as heavy metals in the water contribute to the formation of free radicals.

Easy-to-Install Vitamin C + Activated Carbon Filter Systems Are Designed to Target Chlorine + Chloramines, Heavy Metals, THMs, and other contaminants in your tap water

It is no secret that almost 90% of US households have chlorine or chloramines in their tap water. What you may not know that one of the best solutions for chlorine reduction is One of Mother Nature's powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C. Not only do it have swift and potent chlorine-neutralizing capability when it comes to our tap water, it protects against skin damage from exposure and works on both chlorine + chloramines. Perfectly paired with our Cotton based Activated Carbon Filter, our 300VPX Combo Filter provides 6 natural complex bio layers of filtration.

Why do we infuse Vitamin C in our filters?

Vitamin C is essential for the complete removal of Chlorine.

Charcoal & other forms of filtration cannot eliminate chlorine and chloramines as efficiently as Vitamin C does. 

Vitamin C is 99.9% effective at neutralizing harmful chlorine and chloramines.  

Simplify Your Setup with The Sonaki Easy 1-2-3 Installation Guide.

Installing your filter is a breeze, taking just a few seconds.

Our filters are top-of-the-line, specifically engineered with the most effective filtration materials for shower use: Activated Charcoal & Vitamin C Filtration. These are the premium choices — designed to eliminate Chlorine, Chloramines, and Heavy Metals than any other filter available.

With our optional subscription service, a new replacement filter will be conveniently delivered to your home every 60 days, eliminating the need to track replacement times.

Plus, you have the flexibility to pause, cancel, or request additional filters effortlessly with just a few clicks.