Sonaki.com is a high end Vitamin C Chlorine Shower Filter Hand Held Shower Head site and we only offer the best. That is why we chose to align with Sonaki.

Our story doesn’t start out so confident though.

My wife and I first got to know Sonaki as customers back in 2004. We bought a rain shower head and honestly it BROKE. We sent it back and they promptly replaced it with another showerhead that broke exactly the same way within a few days.

I know… not the best start to a story that is supposed to convince you how great the product is.

But here is where the story gets good.

My wife is a mechanical engineer by degree and she pulled the 2nd broken shower head apart and then drew up plans for a new version of the shower head and sent it all, with the broken shower head, back to the manufacturer and told them that that had a simple gasket issue and here is how to fix it.

Three days later we got a call from Jay (Sonaki Global Distribution manager) who happened to be in L.A.(we were in San Diego at the time, and he invited us up to their L.A facility because he wanted to thank Susan personally.

Long story short… we went to L.A. and met Jay (an incredible guy) and Sonaki implemented Susan’s design and they completely fixed the problem AND improved the overall product line.

As a way to say thanks, Sonaki offered us exclusive distribution rights because of Susan's help and our ability to share the message online.

The last 8 years has been a marriage made in heaven.

We are top distributor on Amazon and now we have branched out with our own sites.

It has been a story book success dream and we have you to thank for it all.

Please enjoy the site and the product. I know from experience that there is not any type of experience in the shower like a Sonaki shower experience. (Yes it makes everything better)