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We've curated a selection of our most popular and highly recommended chlorine and contaminant-filtering shower heads, designed not just to transform your water but to revolutionize your showering experience.

Elevate Your Shower Experience

Imagine stepping into a shower that not only cleanses your body but also revitalizes your senses and restores your skin and hair's natural balance. Our top products make this a reality by:

- Filtering Out Harmful Contaminants: Ensuring that the water you bathe in is as pure as nature intended.
- Infusing Vitamin C: A natural antioxidant that promotes healthier hair and skin by eliminating chlorine and chloramines.
- Eco-Friendly Solutions: Our shower heads are designed for efficiency, reducing water usage without compromising on your shower experience.

Transform your daily shower into an invigorating, luxurious experience. Because at, we believe that every shower should be a sanctuary for health, wellness, and environmental harmony.

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Easy-to-Install Vitamin C + Activated Carbon Filter Systems Are Designed to Target Chlorine + Chloramines, Heavy Metals, THMs, and other contaminants in your tap water

It is no secret that almost 90% of US households have chlorine or chloramines in their tap water. What you may not know that one of the best solutions for chlorine reduction is One of Mother Nature's powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C. Not only do it have swift and potent chlorine-neutralizing capability when it comes to our tap water, it protects against skin damage from exposure and works on both chlorine + chloramines. Perfectly paired with our Cotton based Activated Carbon Filter, our 300VPX Combo Filter provides 6 natural complex bio layers of filtration.