Lotus - Vitamin C Handheld Showerhead

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As Pure and Beauiful at the Lotus Flower, our Lotus Is a Fantastic Showerhead design from Sonaki that combines the favorite massage spray with a soft spray to get a high pressured gentle spray shower for a soothing shower experience.

As always, our Vitamin C filtered showerheads neutralize both chlorine and chloramines. It improves dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions including baby’s skin typically caused by chlorine. It also improves dry scalp/dandruff and protects (extends the life) dyed hair.

Pair the Lotus with our 200P Inline or 400SPX to remove even more toxins from your shower water for maximum filtration.  

In The Box
  • Handheld Shower head
  • 5ft Stainless Steel Hose
  • Hanger (to attach to water supply)
  • Roll Plumbers Tape
  • 2 Vitamin C Refills (1 in the Shower Head Ready to Use, 1 Spare)

Targets chlorine, chloramines, and THM’s

  • 3rd Party Tested to Meet & Exceed International Industry Standards
  • Food Grade Vitamin C, non-GMO
  • Helps reduce chlorine (dries & irritates skin) up to 99% effectiveness, chloramine (causes skin inflammation), and THM
  • Visually can see when you need to replace.
    Replace every 4-6 weeks depending on usage, and when all the vitamin C is dissolved.

* For maximum removal of water contaminants solution, pair with our PureMax Inline Filter


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All Sonaki VitaPure Showerheads are covered by our Risk-Free: 60-Day Happiness Guarantee. This applies to all Filtered Showerhead Sets purchased from If there is any reason you are not satisfied with your showerhead after use, you have 60 days to return it with a money-back guarantee.

Our Filtered Handheld Showerheads are designed to fit all standard US showers (1/2 in water pipe)

Simple screw on design is easy to swap out your existing head or hand held.

Designed to filter chlorine, chloramines and THMs to provide clean tap water that supports healthy hair and skin

Each head is designed to have strong, perfect water pressure for a therapeutic, spa like experience

Simply Pure

SONAKI VitaPure uses 100% Food Grade Vitamin C filters that remove up to 99% chlorine and chloramines and also eliminate very harmful THM's from your water.

Proprietary Design

Allows Just the Right Amount of Vitamin C as the Tap water goes through the Shower head

Vitamin C

Each Filter Contains roughly 20 grams of food grade vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder. That is equivalent to 500 oranges.