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The Water Epidemic Hidden In New York’s Skyline

The Water Epidemic Hidden In New York’s Skyline

There Is something awry on New York City’s rooftops and it is putting millions of people’s health at risk.

Imagine the shock of finding out that your water supply has been infested by cockroaches, pigeons, rats, and bird feces. Now imagine having this knowledge and seeing your child, or family member, drink this contaminated water.


For many people in New York this is an every day occurrence that most are unaware of.


How can this be in a city that boasts the “Best water in the world”?

The answer… NEGLECT.

Neglect of the city to regulate the problem and neglect of building owners to do the right thing and fix the cause.


And the victims are just now becoming to the dangers they have been exposed to for many decades.



The cause of the problem is the thousands of wooden water tanks that have been left under maintained and under inspected for way too long.


The city has made some half hearted efforts to push through reforms, but in the end they are all up to the building owners to voluntarily monitor themselves.


When these tanks have been inspected, even the well maintained ones accumulate layers of muck and bacterial slime. And water from these tanks is delivered directly into the taps and faucets of the buildings they serve.


These tanks sit atop buildings over 6 stories to provide water pressure to the units inside. Over time they have become tattered, decayed, and unfit for providing water to millions of people. Yet they are left in service no matter how bad their condition.

The Top 8 Threats Found In New York Water Supply

  1. E.coli
  2. Pathogens
  3. Dead Squirrels
  4. Thick Black Bacterial Sludge
  5. Cockroaches and other insect nesting
  6. Rats and rat droppings
  7. Dead birds
  8. Chlorine and chloramines

With complaints going unanswered for decades, the surest way to protect yourself and your family from these harmful contaminants is to make sure you have a water filter at the supply line in your home.


This is the only way to get the peace of mind that you are bathing in and consuming only clean, fresh, and pure water.



There are some specialized filters that use multiple stages of filtration to remove all the filthy gunk and disease coming from these water tanks and remove the harmful chlorine and chloramines that are injected into the water supply.


 To see the full story about proper filtration practices to remedy this dangerous water supply.

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