Vitapure 300 6-Stage Inline Filter

  • Our VPX-300 6-Stage Dual Filter System is really TWO of our BEST filters, PureMax and Vitamin C, designed into ONE, compact & stylish, inline unit the works with Any Shower Head to deliver clean, pure, softer water, and overall better health. 
  • STOP Showering In Unfiltered Tap Water & Start Getting All The Benefits Of Clean, Pure, Soft water in your shower free of chlorine, 5 common heavy metals, THM, VOCs and other water conditioning products.  
  • Durable, Long Lasting, & Easy To Install 
$127.99   $149.99

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Safe And Natural Skin And Hair Protection

We believe healthy hair and skin begins with clean water we shower in. Sonaki VitaPure Vitamin C Filtered Showerheads removes chlorine, chloramines & THMs from your shower water — to improve your skin, hair and overall wellbeing.

Shower water has a signifigant impact on our hair and skin that contribute to many common skin & hair issues such as dry skin, damaged hair, and more. Over 87.3% of homes get their water from a treatment plant that is required by law, to inject chlorine into the water that enters your home

Safe, Natural Vitamin C Improves Your Hair & Skin Beauty By Eliminating Harmful Toxins From Your Shower Water. Eliminate chlorine and chloramines from your shower water and feel the difference.

Try out Sonaki and if you don't like it — though we promise you will — you can return your Sonaki VitaPure Showerhead with full refund within 60 days.

Best All Natural Shower Filter On The Market

We have design our vitamin C showers to be the best on the market, using a proprietary design that targets chlorine, chloramines, and THM’s. Our filter:

  • 3rd Party Tested to Meet & Exceed International Industry Standards, including CA and NSF requirements
  • Food Grade Vitamin C, non-GMO
  • Does not reduce repressure or clog
  • Helps reduce chlorine (dries & irritates skin) up to 99% effectiveness, chloramine (causes skin inflammation), and THM
  • Visually can see when you need to replace.
    Replace every 4-6 weeks depending on usage, and when all the vitamin C is dissolved.

* For maximum removal of water contaminants solution, pair with one of our PureMax Inline Filter

What’s In The Box
  • VitaPure 300 Inline Showerhead filter
  • Roll of Plumbers Tape
  • 3 Vitamin C Refills (1 in the Shower Head Ready to Use, 2 Spare)
  • 1 PureMax Filter
Specs & Benefits


  • Removable stainless head face plate for easy cleaning - no more soaking to remove build up
  • Stylish, Sturdy Design - Made of high-impact, non-reactive ABS
  • Universal - Fits All Standard US Showers
  • Keep your favorite showerhead
  • EASY to replace and check filter 


  • Eliminates Chlorine & Chloramines from your shower water 
  • Removes THM’s 
  • Get healthier, younger looking skin 
  • Get relief from dry itchy skin and premature aging 
  • Get softer, silkier, fuller, and stronger hair
  • Chronic Dandruff - SOLVED 
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We do our best to get all orders out as soon as possible. Generally, orders are processed next business day (excluding weekends and holidays) after order confirmation.

Risk FREE Trial And Returns

All Sonaki VitaPure Showerheads are covered by our Risk-Free: 60-Day Happiness Guarantee. This applies to all Filtered Showerhead Sets purchased from If there is any reason you are not satisfied with your showerhead after use, you have 60 days to return it with a money-back guarantee.

Our Filtered Handheld Showerheads are designed to fit all standard US showers (1/2 in water pipe)

Simple screw on design is easy to swap out your existing head or hand held.

Designed to filter chlorine, chloramines and THMs to provide clean tap water that supports healthy hair and skin

Each head is designed to have strong, perfect water pressure for a therapeutic, spa like experience


SONAKI VitaPure uses 100% Food Grade Vitamin C filters that remove up to 99% chlorine and chloramines and also eliminate very harmful THM's from your water.

Proprietary Design

Allows Just the Right Amount of Vitamin C as the Tap water goes through the Shower head

Vitamin C

Each Filter Contains roughly 20 grams of food grade vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder. That is equivalent to 500 oranges.


We're passionate about beauty, exploring new products, and discovering innovative techniques, tools, and treatments.

The most crucial element remains our water. It's the root of numerous significant skin & hair concerns... which is why we've dubbed it 'Step Zero.'

By eliminating chlorine & choramines from your water with Sonaki, you're taking the most significant step towards enhancing the health and appearance of your skin & hair... with noticeable results you can see and feel.



The market is flooded with shower filters primarily available through Amazon, characterized by their inferior quality, unappealing design, and reliance on subpar filtration materials that barely meet the necessary standards.

In our journey to create Sonaki, we meticulously evaluated every shower filter we could find and gained invaluable insights.


Some liken the sensation of the water to being "soft yet assertive" with a "comforting, spa-like pressure."

Numerous users have shared their experiences of the "sparkling water — that actually glistens!"

One individual even described it as a "miniature waterfall."

Our take? It's what a shower is meant to feel like — invigorating, pure, and pristine, all while ensuring your shower is benefiting, not compromising, your skin & hair.


Our water systems use chlorine almost universally to eliminate harmful bacteria like e.coli (which we definitely don't want around!), but there's no need for that chlorine to remain in our water when we're showering. Chlorine, along with various other pollutants:

  • Removes the natural oils from our hair and skin, causing them to become dry, damaged, and irritated
  • Degrades the amino acids in our hair, weakening its natural resilience
  • May irritate our skin, possibly leading to conditions such as eczema, itchiness, hives, and rashes
  • Dissolves the lipids in our hair, resulting in hair that appears duller, weaker, and prone to split ends
  • Interacts with the natural melanin in our hair, altering its color
  • Accelerates collagen loss as heavy metals prompt the formation of free radicals


You could shower in Sonaki for the next two months and then return it and you'll get your full money back.

Though we promise you, you'll be hooked from shower #1. Confidence is sexy, so yeah, we got some of that.


The Sonaki Filtered Showerhead features a unique filter located within the 'neck' of your Sonaki. While available for individual purchase, we also provide a subscription option, eliminating the need to recall when to reorder & replace your filter.

Embrace the choice of thousands of Sonaki customers who select the Replacement Filter Subscription, securing your Sonaki for a big discount.