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The Link between Chlorine and Premature Aging

The Link between Chlorine and Premature Aging

When most people think of chlorine, the first thing that pops into their mind is a swimming pool. Considering the fact that the typical person doesn’t swim on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that this leaves people feeling relatively unconcerned about the fact that chlorine causes premature aging. However, it is critical to be aware that you and your family are actually being exposed to chlorine every single day. When you shower, rinse your face or even take a drink of water, your body absorbs chlorine. This is bad news for anyone who cares about how their skin and hair looks, but there is one simple solution: A Vitamin C Showerhead!

How Does Chlorine Cause Premature Aging?

Studies have found that chlorine removes the natural skin oil sebum, and it also dries out hair. In fact, 61 percent of swimmers have damaged hair due to chlorine exposure.

The remaining 39 percent most likely protect their hair with a swim cap, but this isn’t going to help minimize the damage that is inflicted upon their skin. Shockingly, the entire top protective layer of skin is stripped away after spending time in a swimming pool, and the same thing can happen during a shower or bath. The result is flaky, sticky or dry skin that is uncomfortable and may be itchy.

Unfortunately, hot shower or bath water makes the problem even worse. This is because the hot water open up your pores, which allows the chlorine to get past your first layer of skin. In other words, the harsh issues that are caused by chlorine exposure will be intensified. This can cause the onset of wrinkles, cracking and dryness in people of all ages.

It’s important to note that swimmers should rinse off with cool or lukewarm water after being in the pool. If you’re showering or bathing without the protection of a Vitamin C Showerhead, it is also best to turn the temperature down. However, this is not going to offer your skin as many positive benefits as simply switching to a Vitamin C Showerhead.

Keep in mind that swimmers often wear goggles to protect their eyes. Irritated eyes can also happen after a shower or bath, but how many peo ple are going to put goggles on before they bathe? Again, taking the proper precautions by removing the chlorine from your water makes the most sense and can drastically reduce issues such as premature aging.

Vitamin C Showerheads Keep You Looking, Young

A Vitamin C Showerhead is simple to install, and it filters out 99.99 percent of the chlorine that is present in the water. This will prevent the oxidizing effect of chlorine that damages body tissue. Although it may not be possible to reverse whatever harm chlorine has already done, you can stop further skin damage by installing a Vitamin C Showerhead. Not only will this help keep you looking more youthful but it will also reduce your odds of suffering from other chlorine related issues such as asthma.

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