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How Vitamin C Shower Filters Are Revolutionizing The Water Purification Industry

How Vitamin C Shower Filters Are Revolutionizing The Water Purification Industry

Why are Vitamin C shower filters better than traditional water filtration systems? Because unlike traditional water filtration systems which trap and hold harmful chemicals, Vitamin C shower filters completely dissolve and eliminate all traces of the toxins.

As many people are becoming aware of the amount of toxins, chemicals and carcinogens found in food and water today, they are looking for ways to protect the health of themselves and their families – including pets. Healthy Shower recently announced a revolutionary new showerhead that utilizes the cleansing power of Vitamin C to create healthy, toxin-free bathing water.

Chlorine is more harmful than you think

Chlorine is added to shower water in order to kill bacteria, but it brings along a myriad of harmful side effects. Here’s a quick look at some of the harmful effects chlorine has on the skin. And it’s even worse for small children and pets.

  • Drying and aging effects on skin
  • Dried out hair
  • Harmful agitation of respiratory conditions such as asthma
  • Increased risk of heart problems
  • Inflammation of blemishes and Acne breakouts
  • Chlorine has links to cancer

Vitamin C shower filters are the perfect solution.

  • The chlorine in shower water keeps the water bacteria-free.
  • Vitamin C turns the water chlorine-free before it exits the showerhead.
  • This results in hot, steamy vapors that can be safely absorbed and inhaled without the worry of harmful consequences.

How does the body absorb harmful toxins in water?

There’s nothing as relaxing as a hot, steamy shower or bath, but unknown to most people, there is a hidden danger. Chlorine, chloramines, chloroform and other toxins are all lurking in the clear, refreshing water, ready to infiltrate the human host. But doesn’t water just bounce off the body and exit down the drain? Well, not exactly — actually a hot, steamy shower opens up pores all over the human body, allowing chemicals and toxins to be absorbed into the bloodstream. And that’s not all — pores do not offer any filtration! So the pores allow the full amount of toxins to enter the body to inflict maximum damage.

Vapor is the other issue. 70-90% of all chemicals and toxins in shower water vaporize before they reach the drain. This means even though all of the water is going down the drain, the vast majority of toxins are floating in the air just waiting for someone to breathe them in.

But what makes Vitamin C shower filters better than the leading water filtration system brands?

  • Chlorine and Chloroform Removal: Most leading brands of water treatment only claim to eliminate 90% of chlorine. This still allows a large percentage of chlorine and other toxins to escape filtration and enter the body through absorption or inhalation. Vitamin C shower filters eliminate 99.9% of all chlorine, chloramines, chloroform and other harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • No complicated usage: Some water filtration systems make users jump through hoops in order to make their product work as it should. With Vitamin C shower filters, users can set it and forget it. It’s simple to install and long-lasting — filters only have to be changed out every 3,000 gallons!
  • Water flow: One of the biggest complaints of water filtration systems has been the water flow reduction. Because water must pass through a thick filter, this immensely slows down the water flow and causes a reduction in water pressure. Vitamin C shower filters are specifically designed to eliminate toxins while maintaining normal flow rates.
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