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SONAKI Inline Vitamin C Shower Filter

Removes 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines and works with ANY shower head. Today, for a Limited Time, You can try it Risk Free and SAVE 37%

    • Remove 99.9% Of Chlorine And Chloramines From Your Shower Water Using All Natural, Food Grade, Vitamin C
    • Enjoy softer, silkier hair and STOP color stripping by removing chlorine. Hair color lasts longer saving you money
    • Get softer, younger looking, healthier skin by removing drying chlorine that has a counter effect on all the expensive skin moisturizers you might use
    • Prevents chlorine-caused dandruff, Protects hair condition and dyed hair coloring.
    • Works effectively on any temperature water, regardless of water quality; no loss in water pressure.
    • Helps eliminate dry irritated skin, rashes, and even eczema
    • EPA Water Sense Certified Low Flow Shower Head – save money every year by saving water without sacrificing performance of this vigorous 2 spray shower head
    • Meets EPA’s de-chlorinating requirements per the Clean Water Act
    • Reduce eye irritation and red eyes due to chlorine exposure
    • Improve asthma and other respiratory conditions
    • Protect children from exposure to chlorine especially under bath conditions for young, developing children
  • Try It RISK FREE For 120 Days And If You're NOT Competely 100% Satisfied, send it back for a refund
$97.00 $67.00
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This was super easy to install. Came with everything you need except plumber's tape. Just screw off your shower head, screw in the filter and then the shower head again.I was concerned about using this with my high pressure shower head. I live in a very low pressure area so I rely on my rather expensive high pressure shower head to get some decent water pressure. I was worried the filter may lessen the pressure but I'm happy to say it hasn't. I don't notice any appreciable difference before and after in terms of water pressure.It also came with 3 filters so you won't have to re-order right away. Should last you close to half a year as they appear to last somewhere between 1-2 months depending on your use. Filters are reasonably priced as well, less than <8$ a piece on Amazon (<40$/5).Not only does it filter out the gunky chlorines, it infuses the water with Vit C. You can even smell a hint of citrus while you shower (or am I imaging this??).Given it's size and shape it does cause the shower head to be a few inches lower so if you are super tall this may be a concern. I've attached a photo for reference.I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Honestly, I've been looking for a shower filter for some time and did not find one that was satisfactory to my requirements: 1)not too bulky 2)preferably chrome to match my bathroom set 3)not exuberantly expensive. This meets all three needs and more. I'm quite satisfied with this product.

by Lynn Schmidt on Vitamin C Inline Filter

This was easy to install and really makes a difference! I had read the health implications of chlorine and chloramine and how much we can actually absorb through our skin. I found this vitamin C filter recommended on Wellness Mama and thought I would give it a try. My skin is less dry and my hair is so silky. Who knew? When I shower there is no longer that faint chlorine smell which shows me it is working. Very happy customer!

by Mom of three boys on Vitamin C Inline Filter

Where I live we are lucky enough to have well water, hard as it is, it's without any added chlorine or fluoride. My parents live in Vancouver BC, Canada. While they have, in general, great quality water, yet one drawback is the chlorine added in the drinking water. Every time I visit them, within 1-2 days the skin on my face would be covered with small bumps that are itchy and very uncomfortable. When I saw this shower filter I thought of them and decided to get one for them as a gift since our next visit is coming up soon. I got the Vitamin C inline filter in the mail and found it very well packaged in a nicely designed paper box. It came with another addition filter which is definitely a plus. When got here in Vancouver last week. The second day after we arrived, I pulled out the filter and put it on myself. I couldn't believe how easy it was for the installation. I didn't have to use any tools. Just unscrew the shower head, screw on the filter, and then screw the showerhead back on. Then I turned it on. It worked right away without any leaks.The water from the unfiltered shower used to smell like a public swimming pool but no more. I have been using it for several days and now the bumps I got from the first day when I got here is pretty much gone.In summary, here are the pros and cons:- Came with 2 extra filter- Extremely easy installation- Works wonderfully to remove chlorine from the shower waterI received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All above opinions are my own.

by Sarah Rossman on Vitamin C Inline Filter

Since I installed this onto my shower head, by water seems much softer and nicer when I shower. It was really easy for my fiancé to install and only seemed to take him a little while. It's easy because it just automatically filters the water and I can actually feel a difference in he water. I really like this and plan on purchasing another one for my downstairs shower. I recieved this product at a reduced rate to test and review it.

by Kayan Baird on Vitamin C Inline Filter

This vitamin c chlorine inline filter from sonaki is pretty great and is really easy to install. anyone can do it so don't be discouraged or intimidated by it, it's not difficult. i got this for a friend who has psoriasis, and she has really liked it so far. she hasn't gotten better but that wasn't expected. she does think that eventually the lack of chlorine will help though. i got this discounted for an honest review.

by Switch (Brandon) on Vitamin C Inline Filter

We were very skeptical when we first had the chance to try out this sample Vitamin C Filter. However, Given the chance and some of the issues a few family members has been having with skin dryness and such, we thought it is worth a try!I for one was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked right off the bat. I usually have to put lotion on several parts of my body after a shower to help with the dry skin. As soon as the second day of using this filter, I didn't put on half the amount of lotion that I had been using! Our skin feels noticeably softer and much less irritated! We do not have bad water but it is on the hard side a little and this helped soften it up.The filter came packaged securely with two extra cartridges.I would suggest doing your research before you buy the system. The refill cartridges are not that cheap. I believe a five pack cost close to $40.00. Now, If you are a DIY person like myself, there are ways to refill the cartridges that it comes with for a fraction of the cost!I received this sample at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am not affiliated with this company and did not get paid to write this review. These thoughts and views are my own and a positive review was not promised.

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