Tornado Vitamin C Showerhead Set

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One of our newest shower head is not only beautiful but our most affordable multi-spray shower. Features:

  • 3 SPRAY MODE: Shower, Jet, Shower + Jet  with convenient rocker switch
  • Strong Jet Massage spray force (300% high pressure)
  • WATER SAVING up to 30% - 5.3 liters/minute
  • Removable stainless head face plate for easy cleaning - no more soaking to remove build up
  • EASY to replace and check filter 

Includes: Shower head, 5ft stainless steel hose, hanger, plumbers tape & 2 vitamin C filters.


Frequently Asked Questions

100% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.

Vitamin C shower filter utilizes ascorbic acid for de-chlorination. Vitamin C does not hold chlorine, it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound.

Yes. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), National Risk Management Research Laboratory demonstrated that Vitamin C is safe and fast de-chlorination agents.

Vitamin C is the safest and least toxic of de-chlorination media. It fully neutralizes chlorine and chloramines, and provides additional nutrients for skin and hair. Vitamin C works best with the hot water while other filters do not.

Yes. Vitamin C de-chlorination has a lengthy history. It has been used in EPA and APHA methods for the de-chlorination of lab samples. In the medical industry, it is the standard for critical applications such as dialysis, where the introduction of chlorinated water or toxic chemical would be catastrophic.

The Vitamin C shower filter cartridge case is transparent. You can actually see the Vitamin crystals left in the cartridge. When all Vitamin crystals are dissolved in water, you are still able to use your Vitamin C Shower filter for another month, but it is about the right time to order a new replaceable cartridge.

1 Hand-held Shower Head

1 mounting unit which will replace the existing shower head

1 Stainless steel shower hose ? 5 feet long

2 Vitamin C cartridges (optional) ceramic ball cartridges

No. Vitamin C shower does not need any maintenance. You just need to install it and enjoy chlorine free showers.

The life time of the Vitamin C shower filter is about 3-6 months or 10,000 litters of water and depending on the usage and the water quality.