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The Negative Health Effects of Chlorinated Water

The Negative Health Effects of Chlorinated Water

Chlorine is added to the water supply of at least 75 percent of Americans, and it is also used in several other areas around the world. The primary purpose for this usage is to disinfect drinking and bathing water. On its own, that is an important and noble cause. Unfortunately, the by-products that are often created by adding chlorine to water can be seriously harmful. These ill side effects can be experienced due to chlorine exposure from drinking water, bathing and swimming. Because chlorine is mandated in most water supplies, the only way to make your water safer is by running it through a Vitamin C Showerhead filter.

Chlorine Attacks the Immune System

Chlorine is a very effective sanitizer, but it could also reasonably be stated that it works too well. In fact, chlorinated water doesn’t stop at merely killing pathogenic organisms. Instead, it can destroy the positive bacteria that every person needs to have in their gut. Additionally, the harshness of chlorine strips the skin of its vital protective layer. This leads to premature aging, and it’s also responsible for dry skin and hair.

Your immune system can become compromised from chlorinated water exposure when it damages your critical intestinal flora. This good bacteria serves as an intestinal liner, and it is responsible for helping to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from settling into your system. Sadly, chlorine disrupts this entire balance and causes an overgrowth of Candida. Having too much Candida will damage your intestinal wall, which will severely weaken your immune system. In other words, this is dangerous for everyone, but it’s especially critical for babies, young children, the elderly and people with certain medical conditions to steer clear of chlorinated water.

Chlorine is a Carcinogenic

The by-products that are created by chlorinated water are actually much more dangerous than the chlorine itself. Sadly, these by-products are easily created and exist in almost every drop of water that was treated with chlorine. This has become a huge problem because we now know that at least some of these by-products are carcinogenic.

Studies have found a notable increase in the amount of bladder, colorectal and breast cancer cases among patients with regular exposure to chlorinated water. Even worse is the fact that filtering your drinking water isn’t enough to combat this risk. Instead, you must filter your bathing water as well to avoid absorbing or inhaling the potentially toxic substance.

Stopping Chlorine Exposure in its Tracks

Aside from skin, hair, immune system and cancer issues, chlorinated water has also been linked to an increase in asthma and respiratory allergies. When you put all of these factors together, it is clear that the only way to protect yourself and your family is to remove the chlorine from your drinking and bathing water. But getting the government to do this is unlikely, and even if they do, you still need a comprehensive water sanitizer to keep you safe from harmful pathogens. Fortunately, a Vitamin C Showerhead can remove 99.99 percent of the chlorine and by-products from your water. This will provide you with the benefits of water sanitization without the risks of direct chlorine exposure.

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