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The LINK Between Chlorine And Premature Aging

The LINK Between Chlorine And Premature Aging

Most people see their shower as a moment of blissful relaxation.

Little do they realize that it’s a landmine full of biological dangers. A virtual cabin of illness that can do you serious harm if you’re not careful.

Chlorine has drying effects on your skin and the destruction of cellular walls rob skin of elasticity resulting in pre-mature aging. And it doesn’t matter if you use the latest, most expensive anti-aging skin creams on the market. Exposure to chlorine will speed up the aging of your skin and hair adding years to your looks by dry, wrinkled skin and dry, coarse, rough hair.

And it gets even worse. If you color your hair, chlorine strips hair color out quickly turning you back to gray 1/3 faster than if you weren’t exposed to chlorine. Imagine how much money that translates to what you could save if you colored your hair 1/3 less often.

And, If you aren’t taking this simple step to ensure your shower is safe, then you are exposed and your health is at risk.

In 1905 permanent chlorination of our water supply began, when a faulty slow sand filter and a contaminated water supply created a typhoid fever epidemic, killing thousands.

Chlorine was picked because it kills all living organisms. It is still used today because it is cheap!

“Simply stated, Chlorine is classified by the EPA as a pesticide, whose sole purpose is to kill living organisms”

And if you stop to think about it for a minute, if chlorine kills all living cells, and we are made up of living cells, then chlorine is killing our cells every time we are exposed to it.

In World War 1, men had to wear gas masks to protect them from the same chlorine gas that is used to sanitize your water today.

Chlorine is a gas at atmospheric pressure and it vaporizes quickly in hot water, like in your shower.

Over time it was discovered that chlorine could be manipulated into a much more condensed version that stays in liquid solution longer. This new form, called chloramines, represent all the dangers of chlorine exposure X 10.

Chlorine and Chloramines in your shower water deliver a One, Two, Combination punch by vaporizing into the steam in your shower AND chloramines remaining in the water to be absorbed by your skin.

The good news is, there is an affordable, all natural way to confidently remove 99.9% of all chlorine and chloramines.

But First, how is it that the average person absorbs more chlorine into their body during an 8 minute shower that they do if they drink 8, 12 ounce glasses of water from a public swimming pool?

The largest organ on the human body is the skin. The skin acts like a barrier for your body, but it is not impenetrable.

Through your pores, your skin can eliminate toxins, and it can absorb moisture, air, nutrients, and toxins.

When in a hot environment, the pores on your skin open up and get larger, allowing your skin to rapidly absorb toxins like chlorine and chloramines in your shower water.

The average shower is 8.2 Minutes long and uses 17.2 Gallons of water.

In the shower, it is hot and steamy. You skin’s pores are open and you are absorbing chlorine into your body in 3 ways :

  1. Through your skins pores
  2. Through your respiratory system from inhaling steam and vaporized chlorine
  3. Through your eyes and mouth

Because the Federal Government has laws mandating chlorine is used in our water supply, we must accept that it is in our water and then take responsibility for ourselves to remove it before we use the water in our homes.

Sonaki Vitamin C Filters offer a unique all natural way to efficiently and effectively remove 99.9% of all harmful Chlorine and Chloramines.

Other types of filters that use charcoal, don’t remove chlorine as effectively and CAN’T remove chloramines.

Vitamin C as a filter agent has been used for decades by the EPA for chlorine removal.

Sonaki has developed a technology that brings the chlorine removal power of all natural vitamin c and puts it kin the palm of your hand.

Visit their website to find out more and see if you want to take advantage of their 120 Risk Free Trial.

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