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How Vitamin C Shower Filters Provide The Most Healthy Shower

How Vitamin C Shower Filters Provide The Most Healthy Shower

Vitamin C shower filters use the power of Vitamin C to destroy 99.9% of chlorine and other toxins.

Vitamin C is a healthy vitamin that many people take daily as part of a healthy lifestyle. But many people don’t know that Vitamin C can cleanse the very water they are bathing in. Every time someone takes a bath or shower, harmful chemicals and toxins are absorbed and inhaled into their bodies. Wouldn’t it be much better if water could be purified of toxins, leaving only the healthy Vitamin C in bathing water?

Vitamin C shower filters are installed in the showerhead. Once water enters the filtration system in the showerhead, the all-natural, powerful Vitamin C attacks the harmful chemicals and toxins, eliminating 99.9% of them. So the stream of water exiting the showerhead is as pure as a mountain stream, and healthier too.

What does chlorine and other toxins do to your body?

  • Linked to cancer: A U.S. News and World Report study stated “Ironically, even the Chlorine widely used to disinfect water produces Carcinogenic traces. Studies indicate the suspect chemicals can also be inhaled and absorbed through the skin during showering and bathing.”
  • Dry hair and skin: Chlorine dries out hair, making it brittle, stiff and unhealthy, and creates dandruff from dry skin. It also dries out the skin, making it crack and peel, especially for people who use it on a daily basis (such as showering and washing dishes). Chlorine can also cause inflammation in Acne and other skin blemishes.
  • Respiratory problems: Chlorine vaporizes in the shower and the fumes are then breathed in by the person in the shower. If that person has a respiratory disease such as asthma, breathing in the chemical fumes can trigger an unhealthy episode.
  • Heart problems: Prolonged use of chlorinated water greatly increases the risk of heart problems.

How are Vitamin C Shower Filters better than traditional water filtration systems?

Well, let’s do a quick comparison:

  1. Other leading water filtration methods:


  • Activated Carbon (AC) Filtration: Many traditional water filtration systems use AC filtration. This system works best in cool water by attracting and absorbing chlorine particles. Unfortunately, when water is warm, the efficiency slows down immensely. Also, the AC filters become clogged quickly. Once this happens, water pressure is lost and the exiting water flow is full of harmful chemicals.
  • KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion): KDF is another popular water filtration method. It is comprised of zinc and copper, and works by reversing the electrochemical process that originally separated the chlorine from sodium in a brine solution. It is unable to remove chloramines and doesn’t work well in cold water. KDF filters are unable to handle high-pressure water flow and dirty water. KDF filters clog easily which renders them virtually useless unless the user replaces the filters very frequently.
  • Sulfur-based water filtration: This method “works” by eliminating chlorine and harmful agents, and replacing them with…other harmful sulfur-based compounds such as sulfite and sulfate. These are toxins themselves, and should not be added to the water supply for drinking or bathing.
  • Low-percentage of toxin removal: Many leading brands of water treatment only claim to eliminate 90% of chlorine. This still allows a large percentage of chlorine to escape filtration and enter the body through absorption or inhalation. Vitamin C shower filters eliminate 99.9% of all chlorine, chloramines, chloroform and other harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • Chloroform Elimination: Because leading manufacturers only eliminate 90% of the chlorine in water, this allows a percentage of chloroform to still be produced and absorbed or inhaled into the body.
  • Water flow: One of the biggest complaints of some leading water filtration systems has been the water flow reduction. Because water must pass through a thick filter, this immensely slows down the water flow and causes a reduction in water pressure. Vitamin C shower filters are specifically designed to eliminate toxins while maintaining normal flow rates.


  1. Vitamin C shower filters:


  • Natural and healthy: Vitamin C shower filters work by using a natural, healthy water filtration system that eliminates all toxins and harmful agents in bathing water. Healthy water is safe water. And it’s perfectly safe for small children and pets.

Chlorine was placed in water to prevent bacteria, and it’s done a great job at preventing many diseases. It’s perfectly fine for chlorine to be in the water, as long as it is removed before the water is ingested or absorbed. And that’s what makes Vitamin C shower filters a step above the rest.

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